moe’s heart – happy go lucky (deluxe edition) is here!!!

hey every one – I am very excited to bring this new/old album to you in its remastered / remixed glory – it’s been laying on the shelves for way too long – recorded late 2009/early 2010, most of it during a pretty special time – a big transition looming, I thought it would be great to reactivate my old band mates from teenage days to hole up in my studio over a snowy weekend in good old Berlin/Germany – and so we did – the first 4 songs are the outcome of these 2 days, all recorded (mostly) live (enjoy the great voice of Mechti on “Verlässlichkeiten”) – the last 3 were recorded just by myself and Schnegge previously, but its basically the same “band” and so I thought they might be a good fit to make a proper album – and I am surprised how much it actually rocks! yay!

enjoy listening here:

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