lärm no. 2

this is lärm no. 2 – a noise box / preamp / matrix mixer hybrid…

here is the set-up: in the center sit 2 preamps with insane gain stages …below that are 2 frequency dividers which can be directly connected to each of the preamps…on the right is a passive ring modulator whose circuit has been “opened” and can be altered by touch…intense and very unpredictable outbursts of noise are the “results”…everything is (as usual) interconnectable, so even plugging in a contact mic, your electric ukulele, or whatever else you have laying around can make some incredible noise!

  1. noise study part 1 2:33
  2. noise study part 2 2:39
  3. noise study part 3 5:15
  4. noise study part 4 3:12
  5. noise study part 5 5:13